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Melt Flow Indexer




This tester is used to measure the rate of extrusion of molten resins through a die of specified length and diameter under prescribed conditions of temperature, load and piston position in the cylinder for measuring the flow rates of polymer in producing process.
  With the PID temperature control in two zones of the die cavity, this machine can uniformly heat the plastic sample in the die cavity. The use of the high- quality thermal insulation material can reduce the error caused by heat loss in the process of testing.


ASTM-D1238、ASTM-D3364、GB/T 3682、ISO-1133、JIS-K7210

     Key Technical Data                                         

◆ Temperature control:Room temp. ~450 °C(accuracy ± 0.1°C),PID control, include overheat protection.

Temp display Imported digital type temperature controller
Load 1000g, 1200g, 2160g, 3800g, 5000g, 7160g, 10000g, 12500g, 21600g,(Optional combination of weights)

Flow rate of applicable materials 0.15~50g / 10 min

Auto cutoff device Auto / manual selection , time interval 99min59sec

Loading Method Manually pressurize

◆ Accessories

——Piston rod


——Cylinder cleaning rod

——Cylinder brush

——Leveling rod

——Die gauge set (go/no go)

——Die cleaning drill

——Filling funnel

——Observation mirror

Dimension (W×D×H)40 × 51 × 60 cm

◆ Weight42 kg (without weights)

Power 1∮AC220V50/60Hz5A (Specified by user)