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DF-8000 dynamic fatigue testing machine is widely used for determining the durability of materials as metal, plastic, rubber and complex stuff. Utilize the cyclic tensile, compression or flexure strain under specified load, stroke and frequency to evaluate the material's service life cycle. This tester is driven by hydraulic power system. The actuator can be operated with various frequency and amplitude in order to perform tensile and compression fatigue test. DF-8000 dynamic fatigue testing machine is equipped with the high-speed controller and professional program. It is capable of generating waveforms such as sine, square and triangular or the waveform defined by users themselves. User is allowed to set up a test through the professional program with a variety of test method and condition to analyze the physical properties and quality of different materials.


◆ U65A efficient controller

——USB transfer, easy to connect

——Data transmission up to 2KHZ 

——Data capture card 16bitCPU, more complete

——AD high-speed read, high resolution 

◆ User-friendly software operation interface, more easily operate for users 

——Powerful database management, different test conditions can be stored and managed.

——The multi-stage steps can meet the test conditions for different frequencies, strokes, and forces.

—— Real-time display the status of the machine, more easily grasp for users.

◆ Multifunctional and clear test data presentation, the user can master the test status in real-time.

——Real-time change the trend chart of different variables.

——Real-time change the X and Y coordinates to get the best view.

—— Real-time display the test strength, deformation, amplitude and frequency and so on.

◆ Set up and display multiple reports

——Simple and clear report operation interface

——Multiple reporting items can be calculated in real time 

——The font, color, background of the report items can be modified at any time