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Resilience Elasticity Tester




It serves to test elasticity of elastomers, flexible cellular materials and similar materials under impact stress to get the optimum applicability, the quality differentiation of various material, changes of characteristics after ageing test etc to ensure the quality assurance during the production process and or on the finished product.



     Key Technical Data                                            

Impact Action: 0.5 J,0.2 J

Range of indication0~100%

Scale Value1%

Adjusting Range for specimen thickness: 0~60mm

For elastic materialimpact energy0.5J

                  Sphere Dia.: 15mm

For foam material: 0.2J

Shape A sphere Dia.: 30mm

Radius of round end: 40mm

Dimension (W×D×H): 55×15×35 cm

Weight(approx.): 34kg