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Brittleness Temperature Tester




This machine is designed for determining brittleness of the wire jacket or vulcanized rubber at a low temperature. It is impacted at a linear speed of 2±0.2m/s by a dart after a specimen fixed to the test device is soaked into a medium at low temperature for 5 minutes. The specimen is then checked for cracks, crevices, small holes and fragments at the lowest temperature.
  With the two-segment compressor, this machine can reduce temperature rapidly. The lowest temperature is up to -70 °C (You may add liquid nitrogen to the heat exchanger if you want to test at a temperature lower than -70°C. The lowest temperature is up to -120°C.).The temperature is highly controllable. The liquid heat transfer medium in the low temperature tank can be stirred by the stirring motor so as to obtain a better uniform temperature.


ASTM-D746: 2004-type A, ASTM-D746: 2004-type B, BS 903 A25:1992, GB/T15256-94, GB/T5470-2008(Type B), ISO 812-91, ISO 974: 2000, JIS C3005-2000, JIS K 6723-1995, JIS K7216-1980 Type A, JIS K7216-1980(Type B), ASTM D2137-05

     Key Technical Data                                            

Temp. Range: ambient ~ -70℃ (-70 ~ -120℃ liquid nitrogen)

Temp. Resolution:  ±0.1℃

Signal input: Pt100

Heating method: Temp. controller + SSR + electrical heater

Cooling method: Compressor or liquid nitrogen

Striking linear Speed: 2 .0 ± 0.2 m/s