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Parallel Plate Plastometer




This tester is used to determine the plasticity and recovery of unvulcanized rubber, uncompounded rubber, compounded rubber reclaim rubber. The specimen is heated to a specified temperature through a prescribed time and then subjected to stipulated compressive force between two parallel plates via a certain time period to assess its recovery height.


ASTM-D926、GB/T 12828、ISO-7323

     Key Technical Data                                         

◆ Measure: 0 ~ 15 mm

 Accuracy: ±0.01mm

 Load: 49±0.05N

 Room + 10℃~120℃

 Temp resolution: ±0.5℃

 Timer: LED  Display 0~9,999

◆ DimensionW×D×H: 31×50×2075px

 Weight: 39kg

◆ Power: 1∮AC 220V5A