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M-2000-F Rheometer , in addition to used for the determination of rubber vulcanization and viscosity, but also provides a detection of foam rubber and foam process. The curves and data provided by this machine are the most important basis of improving products, mass production conditions and developing new  batching.


ASTM-D5289、GB/T 16584、ISO-6502

     Key Technical Data                                         

◆ Model:  M-2000FA sealed die, M-2000F unsealed die

◆ Die type: Sealed biconical type, the upper and lower die gap can be adjusted accurately and freely

Temp. Control : PC based software  PID. & SSR

Temp. range :  Ambient temp. to 200℃

Temp. Accuracy: ±0.3℃

Temp. resolution : 0.1℃

Heating up time : Ambient temp. to 190℃8 min 50sec
Temp. changing time : 175℃ to 190℃ 4 min ;  190℃ to 175℃ 4 min 50sec

Oscillation frequency : 100 cpm
Foam force range : 1 to 1000kg, You can use the computer to automatically switch or set it yourself

Torque range : Elasticity S`: 1~200 lb-in

Viscosity S": 0.3~200 lb-in

M-2000FAM-2000F Force unit : NdNKglbNN/m2kg/ cm2lb/ in2kpsi

Torque unit : kg-cmlb-inN-mdN-m

Torque resolution : 0.001 dN-m

Oscillation amplitude:  ±0.5°, ±1°, ±2° or ±3°

Test time range :  Unlimited

◆ Power 1∮, AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz±3Hz, 10A

◆ Pneumatic pressure :  4.6 kg/c (0.46 MPa) prepared by customer

Weight (approx.)
 399 kg393 kg