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This machine is a precise digital gravitometer used for measuring the specific gravity of outsoles made of rubber, plastics or EVA foam.High sensitivity assembly and automatic lifting tank are used for automatic monitoring and calculation. Various clamps are available for your convenience. It can save and read out parameters. Test result can be printed out.

     Key Technical Data                                           

Capacity: 1kgf

Load Accuracy: ±1%

Volume of Water Tank (L×W×H): 490 ×145 ×225mm

Stroke: 250mm

Grips: Insert ×1,clip ×1

Printing: Compact printer

Dimension (W×D×H): 58 ×40 ×2225px

Weight(approx.): 90 kg

Power: 1∮,AC 220V,50/60Hz,1A(Specified by user)