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Servo Control System Concrete Compression Tester




This series of tester are specified for testing the bending and pressure resistance strength of concrete, cement blocks and various bricks.It`s also available for testing the pressure resistant strength of rock, Pitch and soil. 
  They are widely used in architecture, building materials, mining industries and scientific research institutes for their superior program, high testing accuracy, rigid structure, stable and secure performance as well as their easy operated procedure.

     Key Technical Data                                         

◆ Capacity(optional): 2000kN 1500kN 1000kN 500kN

◆ Standard Device Servo Control System and Computer System

◆ Load Range Rangeless(full scales at the same amplification)

◆ Resolution 1/200,000(or 1/300,000)

◆ Test Space(H×D) 340×350mm 340×270mm

◆ Upper Die Diameter ?165mm

◆ Hydraulic Stroke 50mm

◆ Speed-adjusting Mode Pressure speed,adjustable electrically

Pressure Speed 0.01~35mm/min
Dimension(W×D×H) Main Unit 55×46×120mm55×46×120mm55×46×120mm45×45×85mm

Control Unit 118×69×2875px

Power  3∮,220V,20A 3∮,220V,15A 3∮,220V,12A