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High Temperature Rubber Tensile Fatigue Tester




GT-7011-LH is designed to determine the resistance of vulcanized rubber to fatigue under repeated tensile deformation. The required number of test cycle to break the test pieces can be determined.


GB/T 7758、ASTM D1329、ISO 2921

     Key Technical Data                                           

Temp. range: 10 to 250℃

Max. Spacing of grip mouth: 200mm (adjustable)

Stroke: 100mm

Grip speed range: 50 to 300 r/min

Max. eccentric distance of eccentric wheel: 50 (adjustable)

Counter: LCD liquid-crystal display  0 ~ 999,99999 adjustable

Interior dimension (W×D×H):38×38×1500px

Dimension (W×D×H):104×60×3750px

Weight: 364kg
Power: 3∮ AC380V 50Hz(or specify)