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Insole / Insock Absorption And Desorption




This machine is designed for determining the water absorption and desorption of insoles and lining. The insole is flexed by simulating walking. Adopting the way to apply force by means of a lever, it is designed reasonably, so it is convenient for processing parts.It provides references for R&D to do material modification.Water flow is adjustable and its speed is displayed on the flow meter;You can set the test time, and it will stop automatically when the test time has been reached.

     Key Technical Data                                             

Roller: 120±1 mm in diameter and 50±1 mm in width

Specimens: (110±1)mm×(40±1)mm

Speed: 20±1cpm

Stroke: 50 mm or 100 mm

Water Flow Rate: (7.5±2.5) ml/min (water outlet)

Timer: 0~999h59m59s

Dimension: 45x57x74 cm (W×D×H)

Weight(approx.): 100kg

Power: 1∮AC 220V  50Hz