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Plastic Pipe Impact Tester



      This machine is designed for testing the resistance to external blows of the thermoplastics pipes. The hollowed pipe is fixed in a box and then hit by a striker at a given height so as to test the impact resistance. The sample is hit by a striker with specified load at normal temperature or a specified low temperature (low temperature equipment is available from GOTECH), and then sample is checked to see if it is damaged by the external blows.

    Using the HMI (English and Chinese available), it is easy to operate. The test height can be precisely controlled, and the dropping accuracy is highly repeatable.The striker is con-trolled by a solenoid valve, with the second-impact-prevention device. The box under the sample is an openable and semi-sealed box, which is used for preventing the sample from splashing after breaking, so it is quite safe in operation.


 BS-EN 1411、DIN-EN 744、ISO -3127

     Key Technical Data                                         

◆ Control method :PLC touchscreen (traditional Chinese / simplified Chinese/ English), electromagnetic -controlled strike, anti-second-bump device.

◆ Testing height0~2000 mm

◆ Stroke resolution: 0.1 mm

◆ Rising speed12 m/min

◆ Specimen ?20~630 mm(L) 300 mm

◆ Motor AC servomotorspeed : 12 m / min

◆ StrikerDifferent types according to different standards

◆ Capacity: Max. 313.6 J

◆ Impact speed:  6.26 m/s (When test height is 2 m)

◆ Power: 1∮AC220V5A(Specified by user)

◆ Dimension (W×D×H): 110 × 55 × 380 cm

◆ Weight (approx.): 700 kg