Goodtechwill(qingdao)Co. Ltd.

  • GOODTECHWILL Technical Seminar


    The seminar is held mainly for promoting GOTECHs new rubber and plastics products and technology to the market more comprehensively and systematacially, so that our customers can deeply understand GOTECHs R&D ability and professional level, and increase communication and interaction opportunities for guests. We are very honored to invite new and regular custom representatives of Jiangsu and Shanghai area, including many professors from well-known colleges and universities and leadership from influential enterprises.


    The meeting begins on time at 13:30 with the address of GOODTECHWILL Chairman Cheng.

    Chairman Xu, Secretary-general Nie of Jiangsu Rubber Industry Association, and Minister Zhang of Nanjing Lide Oriental Rubber Technology Co., LTD deliver a speech one by one. They all give great recognition and support to GOODTECHWILL.

    And then, Dr. Fan, Director of Development of Chemical Products, Ms. Huang, General Manager of GOODTECHWILL, deliver important lectures and speeches.

    Our technical director Mr. Wang, mainly introduces the current popular automotive and rail transportation and other industries involved in the hot-selling models and cutting-edge detection technology.


    During the tea break, they also have relaxing conversations with our leaders and colleagues while enjoying the delicious snacks.


    The Technical Seminar not only show the strength of GOODTECHWILL, but also reflect the company’s attention to customers. Customer support is the driving force of our progress.

    In the future, the company will also use the successful experience of this seminar to organize such activities in different regions on a regular basis, bringing the cutting-edge detection technology and industry knowledge to the customers to promote technical development and upgrade industry height.