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  • Starting here, Grow up Together


    GOODTECHWILL welcomes a large number of vigorous and passionate graduating students in July 2017. They bring the company a full of youthful atmosphere. GOODTECHWILL carry out a comprehensive new staff training under careful guidance of company leaders and diligent preparation of various department colleagues.

    GOODTECHWILL new staff training kicks off on July 4, 2017.

    The training begins with a speech by HR Manager Wang. Chairman Wang, General Manager Huang and other leaders all mobilized for this training, and everyone joints a group discussion and makes actively speech and communication.

    After two weeks of comprehensive training, the new staffs have a preliminary understanding of the company. In order to let them better integrated into the company, nearly 100 people’s Haiyang self-driving tour is organized on July 14 with the careful preparation of company leaders and every departments.

    Self-driving group arrive in Haiyang at afternoon.

    GOODTECHWILL staff gather in Haiyang Renjia and hold a grand welcome party at bright seaside in the evening.

    The next morning, they drive to Zhaohu Mountain Resort Area for climbing and drifting.

    After a furious “water war” in Zhaohu Mountain Resort Area, the group drive to the seaside at three o’clock in the afternoon to start surfing, beach football, tug-of-war and other activities.

    GOODTECHWILL prepares substantial seafood dinner for everyone on the seaside. After enjoying the food, the bonfire party begins with the sound of the music.

    Two days of vacation time so quickly passed, but everyone’s face still fills with smile. Perhaps, this is the real meaning of organizing this tour.