Goodtechwill(qingdao)Co. Ltd.

  • Welcome New Arrivals


    The annual employment season for Chinese college students comes. GOODTECHWILL will celebrate the new graduates coming from more than 10 cities. Nearly 50 graduates from different universities will gather in Qingdao headquarters to join the induction training.

    Every department has meticulously prepared, including purchasing of living goods, accommodation arrangements, labor relations receiving and other things, in order to provide a comprehensive and meticulous service.


    GOODTECHWILL will organize a month of comprehensive training for new comers so that they can adapt to the team as soon as possible through a series of theoretical knowledge training, job practice, a variety of activities.

    GOODTECHWILL believe the joining of these outstanding graduates will bring new vitality for the future development of GOODTECHWILL.      GOODTECHWILL will uphold the people-oriented management philosophy, courage to take responsibility, do not forget the original heart, and provide the best quality development platform for the new employees, so that each employee's ability can be the maximally displayed.