Goodtechwill(qingdao)Co. Ltd.

  • Grand Annual Meeting of 2017


    The annual meeting of GOODTECHWILL is held in Qingdao Seaview Garden Hotel. All the staff from all over the country gathered together to review the fruitful results of 2016 and to make a new outlook for 2017. This grand annual meeting have showed the development and brilliant achievements of GOODTECHWILL.

    At the beginning of the annual meeting, the chairman of GOODTECHWILL, Mr. Chen have delivered a New Year greeting. The general manager, Ms. Huang have made a summary of the results of the past year. Although the Chinese market environment is not good in 2017, GOODTECHWILL still have achieved remarkable performance. Looking to the future, with the implementation of the company’s strategy, staff increase and recovering market, the new year will be another high record. Ms. Huang also shares the work experience, and delivers a new year’s expectations and wishes to stuff, she hopes that all employees in the company can create their own interests and achieve their own value meanwhile improve their personal quality accomplishment.


    Next is the regular activity of annual meeting,the company has prepared a generous gift for the work of 5 years, 10 years staff , thanks to their selfless payment. Chairman Chen, and General Manager Huang have awarded the gold jewelry to the experienced staff.  

    The year of 2016 is a milestone year for the GOTECH person, they still have made impressive results and achieved a year-on-year growth in the circumstance of difficult market economy. This year is a hopeful year for all the staff, they are full of confidence and hope, looking forward to create a better tomorrow!